Mayday Mayday! Come Save Holodeck Follies Tonight!

Captain’s Communiqué
To: All crew of the USS Albatross
Re: Tonight

I’m writing from the earliest stardate of a temporal loop, on a time sensitive mission for a certain Sector, to let you know that I am okay. Unfortunately, the mission will keep me from tonight’s Holodeck Follies. I cannot tell you details, and in fact, this communication will defy the Temporal Prime Directive if my mission fails. I can tell you that “U.S.S. Mayday”, the events of which you will experience at The Social Capital Theatre, will be worthy of retelling in Ten-Two-Forward, if not a formal communication to Starfleet, for its audaciousness, rambunctiousness, and hilariousness!

May 6th (S3e5): USS Mayday
“Strategic Operatic Simulator”
This month’s silly Star Trek improv comes to you courtesy of Andie Leathley (acting Captain), Deanna Palazzo, Lara Harb, Alan Leightizer, Zach Mealia with special guest Ensign Tracy Rowland and musical underscoring by Andrew Loay (The 404s, Special Features)!

Also joining us, some non-Trekkie entertainment by Marcel St. Pierre (wish him a happy belated birthday), Stevie Jay, and Daniel E. K. Priest.

154 Danforth Ave., 2nd floor, Toronto, ON
Show: 8 p.m. sharp
Doors: 7:30 p.m.
$8 at the door

Be prepared to Laugh Long and Prosper