My Geeky Pleasure – The Blue Vulcan Calligraphy Dice Bag

You’ll remember that in March, I ran a quick contest for a Geeky Pleasure gift card. At the same time, I ordered the Blue Vulcan Calligraphy Dice Bag for myself.

It arrived on Tuesday by ground mail across country, well under the suggested two weeks. My initial impression was, given the size of the envelope, unsure if it would be big enough for my dice collection. I recognize that I am a small-fry in the dice collecting world but I had outgrown the previous container and was ready for something new and easier to transport.

The dice rained down from the Vulcan skies, like meteors looking for purchase upon the planet surface. Fortunately, the stylish new containment device, inscribed by the Vulcan Council, awaited its chance to prove useful. Like the ancient maw of some ancient god, it swallowed the onslaught whole yet yearned for another smattering of d20… or at least d4s! Surak, in his wisdom, closed the containment device knowing it would be called upon again in time of need.

Size: Good size for the average dice-game collector.
Closing System: Works like magic. In the eventual act of gravity, I won’t be searching everywhere for loose dice.
Fabric: I chose the Blue Vulcan Calligraphy. It feels sturdy and well-seamed. I imagine it will be easy to clean, should need arise.
Efficacy: I can carry my dice in style to my next MtG/DnD/Munchkin adventure, and then the flat-bottom design will keep it in place on the table.

I’m not sure if there is a Vulcan word for Bag of Holding, but I’m pleased with my choice and recommend you to check out the store to find your Geeky Pleasure.