Star Trek 3 – Idris Elba Rumor

Variety posted a rumour that Idris Elba is being eyed to play a villian in the upcoming Star Trek movie.

I know my vote won’t count but I hope he holds out for a position with the good guys.


While J.J. Abrahms isn’t writing or directing the new movie, he put in a heavy-handed treatment of Klingons. If Simon Pegg and Justin Lin keep that version of the species intact, anyone could play the part.

The subtlety and charm Elba has cultivated in his characters would be lost under the makeup effects. Romulans seem written off but nothing is guaranteed.

We saw Khan Noonien Singh whitewashed in the last movie, so we cannot expect Elba to play a major human villain. Who else is a major power without being pre-Q?


Elba could play Commodore Stone, the Portmaster from the TOS episode, Court Martial. It is a character of high status and strong enough character to challenge Kirk’s stubborn demeanor without Elba outacting/overshadowing Pine throughout the whole movie.

It provides a little more diversity in the casting, a natural leader, and like Samuel L. Jackson (as Mace Windu) provides actor star power without diminishing the lead actors.

But, let me take my fancy further and suggest a forward path. Don’t make him a bad guy or an administrative obstacle. Let him be good.

Troubled Hero

Make him a Captain that is too prideful, too unwilling to back down from an unfair fight. We’ve seen it with Kirk. It is a Federation trait afterall.

Maybe he has played with technology he didn’t quite understand. Maybe it has rendered him blind but not dulled his determination. Maybe he has one last fight in him and the Romulans or Klingons are willing to give it to him.

Update: I realize that I’ve described Admiral Cartwright.

rumor: Idris Elba as Geordi La Forge?
Joke: How about Idris Elba playing a buff Geordi La Forge?!

I would love to see Idris Elba attached to the next Star Trek movie but will leave the speculative writing to Simon Pegg.