Holodeck Follies – First Officer’s Epilogue – Fool’s Gambit (S3E4)

Season Three, Episode Four – Holodeck Follies – Fool’s Gambit

Last night’s show was filled with infectious diseases and infectious laughter. I’ll highlight a few moments in the show, but you definitely have to check us out to get the full experience.

  • Holodeck Follies opened with our full cast (Dale, Andie, Alan, Zach, Lara, and Deanna) and our guests, Chris Casselman, Wayne Jones, and Andrew Haggith. Jennifer Kumquat let a rabid dog loose in the ship and crew slowly succumbed to the infection. The infection can throughout the audience with laughter.
  • Andrew Loay provided a great soundtrack to the night, as well creating the music for a ballad on chlamydia with Wayne and Andie.
  • Suhan Hanifa schooled the audience with tips on how not to create their Tinder profile.
  • Vest of Friends showed us that wizards are discriminated against and how to set up a 4 star restaurant in your friend’s bedroom.
  • In the second set of Holodeck Follies, Guy Guyson was up to his old tricks and almost killed the crew with his Borg creations. The rabies outbreak was punched in the face by Starlight Sauvignon. Wayne and Jennifer Kumquat realized they had an STI connection. The show ended as it always should: with the Guy Guyson’s death aboard an exploding Borg ship.

“[T]his improvisational comedy show will delight Trekkies and non-Trekkies alike.”John K. Kirk

Laugh Long and Prosper

Our next Holodeck Follies (May 6th, 2015) will feature more silly Star Trek and great variety comedy. You won’t want to miss it!