Holodeck Follies – Captain’s Epilogue – Make It So Happen (S3E3)

The combined talent warmed The Danforth by more than a few degrees! More images to come, check back in a couple of weeks.

Thanks Moniquea!

For those who cannot wait, here is an overview of the show:

  • Andrew Loay provided a great soundtrack to the night, as well creating two upbeat songs of the evening
  • The crew of the USS Albatross was captured on a peaceful away mission to a hostile area but fortunately, Ensign Pattycake (Deanna Palazzo) executed an escape plan.
  • Zabrina Chevannes had a killer set including some funny new material on precarious parenting choices.
  • Dana Jean Phoenix blew the roof off the place with her Dolly Parton parody (in homage to the women of Star Trek) and Meaghan Trainor’s Bass parody called Lip Synch, giving her an opportunity to highlight her strong impression work
  • Jamillah Ross was sassy as Uhura, keeping the energy up by putting down the lack of Starfleet recognition in a high coup/haiku battle.
  • Brie Watson was the dour Janeway, unwilling to embrace the Teddy Bear collective or synch cycles
  • Tracy Rowland had the best lines of the night, from the drink names to getting the reluctant 7 of 9 to create a poem by reminding her that resistance was futile
  • It was Marcia De’s first time improvising but it didn’t show. She played B’Elanna Torres to a T, and explained the increased Klingon Rage might be due to the botox injections — or Tom’s lack of notice
  • Taz Collins was the observant 7 of 9, ready to start a new collective in the cargo hold
  • Dana joined as Vash, the great explorer with a soft-spot for old baldy but glad to stand on her own feet
  • They ended the night with a song about Starfleet