Goodbye Leonard Nimoy

More than Robin Williams, Heath Ledger, and Freddie Mercury, your death saddens me.

I hated that smoking took another person from my life. My great grandparent, grandparents and mother each died from cancer. They were all smokers through most of their life. Technically COPD and age got you, Leonard, but as with my family, those two causes had help.

“The primary risk factor for COPD globally is tobacco smoking. Of those who smoke about 20% will get COPD, and of those who are lifelong smokers about half will get COPD. In the United States and United Kingdom, of those with COPD, 80-95% are either current smokers or previously smoked. The likelihood of developing COPD increases with the total smoke exposure. Additionally, women are more susceptible to the harmful effects of smoke than men. In non-smokers, secondhand smoke is the cause of about 20% of cases. Other types of smoke, such as marijuana, cigar, and water pipe smoke, also confer a risk. Women who smoke during pregnancy may increase the risk of COPD in their child.” — Wikipedia

But who wants to be remembered for how they died? I would rather remember you as a family man (especially as you extended that honour to us on Twitter) and creator – poet, photographer, director and performer.

As Spock, Star Trek’s most iconic character, you were a man of logic, of action, of strategy. To your companions, you were considered alien — the green-blooded hobgoblin. To my childhood eyes, you made the most sense. I suffered extreme, uncontrollable, inconsolable tantrums. Your love of science and disdain of emotionality was perfect. Your ability to be unaffected by your boorish Human friends, wry sense of humour, ability to mind meld, and nerve pinch your way through life — you took care of yourself in ways I have still yet to master.

Leonard, I had the pleasure to watch you on other channels, as other characters. I remember seeing you on Bonanza and T.J. Hooker. You were great in the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I loved your inclusion on Futurama. I heard you narrate In Search Of… and Ancient Mysteries. I listened to your fun Bilbo Baggins ballad.

Thank you for living long and fostering a prosperous imagination in us all. Now excuse me… This guy speaks for many of us.