Holodeck Follies – Coming Soon – Women Of Trek

In honour of International Women’s Day

Our next Holodeck Follies, an improvised comedic parody in the Star Trek universe, will showcase some of the women of Star Trek.

Make It (So) Happen

Make It Happen is the 2015 theme for International Women’s Day. Let’s see how they celebrate in the future!

March 4th
8 p.m.

Advanced Tickets: http://womenoftrek.eventbrite.ca

The Dandies
with Deanna Palazzo and Zach Mealia
and portraying strong characters from Star Trek:
Jamilah Ross (Nyota Uhura), Chelsea Larkin (Tasha Yar), Brie Watson (Kathyrn Janeway), Tracy Rowland (Ro Laren), Taz Collins (7 of 9), Paloma Nunez (Admiral Paloma), and Kayleigh Robertson (Ezri Dax)

With special guests: Dana Jean Phoenix and Zabrina Chevannes

Note: while they will do their best to embody the characters, no one can replicate the original performers.

Also, you have a chance to win tickets to see Star Trek (2009) At The Sony Centre.