Holodeck Follies – Captain’s Epilogue – Divergency (S3E2)

Season Three, Episode 2 – Holodeck Follies – Divergency

Last night’s show was entertaining for the performers and audience alike. I won’t be able to capture the essence of the night, trying to share references, puns, or scenarios would fall flat by comparison, so let me say my thank-yous:

  • The Holodeck Follies opening set was a joy to perform. We played with (and within) our format and, more importantly, set up each other for great moments. Thank you to Alan, Jason, Lara, and Zach for joining me in the silliness.
  • Gavin Stephens was amazing! He has great jokes about being a black nerd (close to my heart), living in Hamilton/growing up in Scarborough, and echo-location. You should check him out when he does a set in your area.
  • Non-Trekkie improvisers were invited to join us for some Black Trek. They were thrown into the deep end but handled themselves with grace and charm. It helps that they were a funny group! Thanks to PHATT al, Coko & Daphney, and Brandon Hackett for joining us!
  • I continue to be proud to call The Social Capital Theatre my improv home. I love playing there and how accommodating and supportive they are for producers and performers. Thank you to Ralph and Carmine, and to Gord for teching the show.
  • Thanks to Andie for live-Tweeting the show! View her snaps and quips, but make plans to come to the next show because improv is ephemeral and the moments are hard to capture for those who weren’t there!

Holodeck Follies – Black Trek

“[T]his improvisational comedy show will delight Trekkies and non-Trekkies alike.”John K. Kirk

For those who missed it, the USS Albatross adventure was captured by Jonathan Chiovitti.

Holodeck Follies – Improvised Star Trek Variety Comedy

Laugh Long and Prosper

Our next Holodeck Follies (March 4th, 2015) will feature a stage full of strong female performers. You won’t want to miss it!