Holodeck Follies – Star Trek Improv In Toronto Tonight

Holodeck Follies – Season Three

It is the first Wednesday of February and that means that The Dandies return to The Social Capital Theatre with Holodeck Follies – their improvised Star Trek variety show.

Holodeck Follies - Black Trek
Holodeck Follies – Black Trek

“Divergency” is our Black History Month / Valentine / My Birthday / Post-Traumatic Groundhog episode. So many things to celebrate, so let’s do it together!

We’re excited to have stand-up comedian, Gavin Stephens, joining us as our variety guest. We met Gavin in 2014 at his “Geeks Will Inherit The Earth” documentary (with Andrew Young) kick-off, but I was a fan  of his Comedy Now specials (yes, two!) and his work on Comedy Inc.
Joining us for this month, to help us honour Black History Month:

  • PHATT al  (God Made Me Funky, Second City TourCo) at Lt Cmdr Worf, son of Mogh
  • Coko Galore (Coko & Daphney) at Comm. Officer Nyota Uhura
  • Daphney Joseph (Coko & Daphney) as Guinan
  • Brandon Hackett  (The Sketchersons) as Lt. Cmdr Tuvok
  • Gavin Stephens as Lt Cmdr Geordi La Forge

We will also raffle off a pair of tickets to Jupiter Ascending, some 2-for-1 passes to Rainbow Cinemas Market Square, and a pair of tickets to the Toronto Black Film Festival to kick off a new contest!

A lot to celebrate. See you tonight!

154 Danforth Ave., 2nd floor, Toronto, ON
Show: 8 p.m. sharp
Doors: 7:30 p.m.
$8 at the door

Laugh Long and Prosper