Holodeck Follies – January 2015

Holodeck Follies – Season Three

With our second season behind us (it was more amazing than Riker’s Beard), I am giddy to get back into the Captain’s chair for another season of Holodeck Follies.

Season Three, Episode One

“The Lights of Keytar” will build upon events from this past season and start to move the show from an episodic nature to a more continuous storyline. The crew of the USS Albatross will have to perform a memory tango to resolve past choices and change the future.

Joining us as either allies or adversaries, Chris Casselman (our friend from Geektropolis) and Stevie Jay (our friend from Jammin On The One) will be part of this portion of this improvised Star Trek adventure.

Our Variety (non-Trekkie) Guests

five-finger-miscountWhile we have had improv troupes join us in the past (most recently The 404s), we have never had an improvised puppet troupe involved. I am looking forward to watching Five Finger Miscount (people and puppets alike) perform. They have accepted the challenge to add a sci-fi flavour to their act. Will it be reminiscent of Farscape? We will find out together!

cynthia-gouldCynthia Gould is the frontwoman for the amazing drunk rock band, High Heels Lo Fi. She is a smart and sassy performer. When she announced that she was venturing into solo performances, I jumped at the opportunity to book her right away.

Join Us January 7th, 2015 at 8 p.m.

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/539037729574611


1. Andie Leathley will be taking a step back from full-time performing in 2015, to give herself time and energy to deal with some health issues*. She may make occasional cameos but will still be an active member of The Dandies. She will continue to help behind-the-scenes, with brainstorming, crafting, photos, and any other creative endeavour that captures her interest. She will also take on the role of The Voice Of The Computer.

* Andie addresses it in her 2014 Reflection And Goals post on her blog, Sew Pretty in Pink. Go check out her brilliant sewing accomplishments.

2. Alan Leightizer and Jason Zinger are now official Dandies! Their duties won’t change much — they will still be part of making silly improvisation and taking it seriously, but Andie and I felt strongly in acknowledging their contribution and support over the past few years.

3. Starting in January, I am producing a new bi-weekly improv show called Tough Love Improv. This show will not be Star Trek related; I tested the format in October and was excited for the results. It will be a Pay-What-You-Will show to make it accessible to audiences and performers alike. Please check out the page for details.


If you haven’t yet, watch our three minute interview with Morgan Hoffman (Inner Space). The clip, recorded from our December 2014 show, is a great introduction to our improvised Star Trek and Morgan’s improvising and singing cameo. If you want to learn what others think of our show, read recent reviews on our publicity page.

Laugh Long and Prosper