S2E12 Captain’s Epilogue – Hollow Decadence Addiction

December 3rd (S2e11): Hollow Decadence Addiction

dandies-morgan-hoffmanA crazy good time was had by all last night at our season two finale! Our night started with a fun interview by Morgan Hoffman of Innerspace, was more electrifying when the Panago pizza and Paramount Pictures rep arrived with their donated offerings, and was through the roof as the audience poured in.

When it came to silly Star Trek improv, The Dandies* had Morgan Hoffman (Innerspace) join them in a tale of LOVE – an alien airborne virus that took hold of the USS Albatross. While the crew worked furiously to find a cure, senior command was swayed by its power. A red shirt or two may have perished along the way. Morgan Hoffman earned center stage for the night by taking up the challenge to sing two songs off the top of her head.

* We had an amazingly full stage of fun performers/friends! Alan Leightizer, Lara Harb, Zach Mealia, Hugh Cameron, Kayleigh Robertson, Brie Watson, and Jason Donovan, with music director Jason Zinger.

Typically I would tease and say that “you missed it” but you may see snippets of it on Innerspace next week… we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, some pictures from the show.

Rachelle Elie admitted to being a closet Trekkie and then went on to tell jokes that would make James T Kirk proud. She told jokes about her mixed heritage, sexy times growing up (and post-children) and why you might fear the Gingerbread Man. The crowd went wild as she shared her attempts at running with beads.

The 404s took the stage post-intermission, with their patented short-form improv. They honoured our format by framing their suggestions and scenes within the sci-fi setting but took things where no USS Albatross character has gone before.

And thus ends another season of Holodeck Follies. Season Three (premieres January 7, 2015) will bring about new adventures, new silliness, and new characters. Don’t miss it!

Thank you to The Social Capital Theatre for being our improv home base, to our wonderful USS Albatross crew, to former guests, and to everyone who came out to support/cheer/enjoy-themselves this year.


“[T]his improvisational comedy show will delight Trekkies and non-Trekkies alike.”John K. Kirk

Laugh Long and Prosper

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