Dandies Spotlight: Kristin Fung

imageI first met Kristin Fung as part of the Big City Improv Festival in 2013. She was the musical director for one of the acts and stood out for helping the performers on stage make more daring musical choices. We have had the benefit of Jason Zinger as our MD but it was nice to see someone else’s skill at work. At the time, Kristin wasn’t in Toronto for long as she was playing across the country.

I had tried a few times to have Kristin out to Holodeck Follies but, like Karyn Ellis, she is always performing or recording. This year alone, she has had regular shows at Harlem East and with the Distillery. She performed in the Vancouver International Jazz Festival. She was part of Anthony Braxton’s opera, Trillium J. So finally, our schedules have aligned and we will get a live sample of her talent.

When asked if she was more of a Star Trek or Doctor Who fan, she immediately proclaimed her devotion to the Time Lord. Kristin will be joining our 7 p.m. show for which she excitedly asked whether a specific song was taken.

I will not ruin her surprise but will instead leave you with this funky Sharon Jones cover “How Long Do I Have to Wait For You?”

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You can chat with Kristin on Twitter: @kristinfung