Dandies Spotlight: Zabrina Chevannes

Zabrina ChevannesThe first time we saw Zabrina Chevannes do stand-up, was at show in Little Italy a few years ago; we went to support our friend, Alex Crawford. Although she was a new to us, the Brampton comedian had already garnered a great reputation on the open mic circuit.

In truth, though we are fans of Zabrina’s material, we wouldn’t be able to make every show she does — she is the definition of hustle. It lead to this now proven theory, inspired by our recent discovery of Battlestar Galactica. Either that or she is afraid to sleep due to her childhood sleepwalking episodes! (Referencing a great bit that she does.)

We were able to catch her solo show, A NURSES WORST NIGHTMARE, this summer at the Comedy Bar. Zabrina shared stories about her work and homelife, relationships with coworkers, friends, and family. It was a chance to get to know the person behind the jokes and as well as hear the material brought together into under one roof, so to speak.

Zabrina Chevannes - Strike a PoseWhile she is supportive of the comedy community in general, it is fair to say that Zabrina loves performing at Holodeck Follies the most. When I jokingly challenged her to do a Guinan impression, she took it to the next level and not only showed up in cosplay but shared pictures before arriving! She went out in public as a Trekkie. WHAT!?

So, when asked whether she was more of a Trekkie or Doctor Who, Zabrina didn’t even let us finish before reposting her Guinan photo. TREKKIE.

Zabrina is telling jokes in Act II (9 p.m.) of our comedy benefit, but has yet to reveal if she will dress up again. (Challenge!)

Close Shave 3 - A Night Of ComedyOn November 1st, join Toronto’s brightest comedians and musicians in a night of comedy for a good cause: Close Shave 3 – A Movember Fundraiser in Three Acts.

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