Dandies Spotlight: High Heels Lo Fi

high-heels-lo-fiHigh Heels Lo Fi has their priorities straight. Party. Drink. Good Time. We had the fortune of having them kick off our season of shows this year. To get the crowd going, they don’t need go-go dancers (yes, they have them), or to show off their singing prowess (Cyn is a rock powerhouse), or the tequila shots (okay maybe they do). The band is fun because they refuse to be anything less, and that fun is infectious. Their lyrics and attitude embody punk rock — they are going to play and sing what they like.
The band is entrenched in the local scene but they are due international notice. The second time we crossed paths, we had the fortune to open for them at the Bovine (!!!) They pulled out their lasers and recreated out logo. How many bands have lasers!

The party portion of our comedy benefit takes place in Act III (11 p.m.) but, if you have the party spirit earlier in the night, we won’t fault you.

When asked whether they were more of a Trekkie or Doctor Who band, the answer came back immediately, TREKKIE! Not that we were surprised really. The last time they joined us, they came decked out in more Federation gear than we had!

Close Shave 3 - A Night Of ComedyOn November 1st, join Toronto’s brightest comedians and musicians in a night of comedy for a good cause: Close Shave 3 – A Movember Fundraiser in Three Acts.

Hang out with High Heels Lo Fi on Twitter before party! Also, this video should get you in the mood… it is a Big Dumb Rock Song