Dandies Spotlight: Karyn Ellis

We met Karyn Ellis in 2009, just before she released her 3rd CD “Even Though The Sky Was Falling”. We hit it off instantly and it didn’t hurt that we had mutual friends in Ralph MacLeod and Janine Stoll.

We’ve kept in touch over the years and, in between her touring schedule, Karyn played a few songs for us in 2013 (Holodeck Follies) as well as improvised with us (March of IMPROgress). We were eager to have her back, but Close Shave 3 will be the first opportunity. And it only makes sense to take advantage of both creative sides.

Karyn is playing in Act II (9 p.m.) of our comedy benefit and then leaving for a European tour with Marina Marina the following week, so come see her before she falls in love with the Netherlands!

When asked whether she was more of a Trekkie or Doctor Who fan, Karyn answered quickly: TREKKIE! Not that she needed to get on our good side, but the answer made us smile.

Close Shave 3 - A Night Of ComedyOn November 1st, join Toronto’s brightest comedians and musicians in a night of comedy for a good cause: Close Shave 3 – A Movember Fundraiser in Three Acts.

Get to know Karyn Ellis on Twitter beforehand. Also, check out the video for Rust from her latest CD, “More Than A Hero”: