Nog Season

Let’s get some upcoming dates out of the way

October 10: We kick off Thanksgiving weekend (Canadian) by joining Toronto’s longest running improv jam. At Jammin On The One anyone can jump on stage to be part of an improvised scene or game. 14 Elm Street, Toronto
October 11: Happy Federation Day! Celebrate the founding of the United Federation of Planets by playing Federation poker with your friends and family. See who can win the most transporter credits and replicator rations!
October 12: Join us at Rainbow Cinemas Market Square for the next movie in the Sci-fi Sundays series, Space Jam! It is fun for the whole family and we’ll be the live-action (but still animated) pre-show entertainment.


Recently I shared my appreciation for our wonderful crew of the USS Albatross. That thanks still stands.

I want to give a shout out to The Social Capital Theatre. The transformation of the space from day one is amazing. The Dandies started together in that venue and though we’ve performed across the city, it is our improv home. Tip of the hat to Ralph MacLeod and Carmine Lucarelli for a wonderful, safe space to improvise.

Thanks to Andie Leathley, for her unending patience, support, passion, energy, and love as I continue to strive for more and more and more.


Milk producers have changed the recipe often enough that I don’t consume mass quantities anymore, but this weekend always reminds me of my love for the stuff. There was a time that I would indulge in two or three cartons of egg nog a week. If I didn’t have my sweet precious beverage I was… difficult. I would not be surprised to read a theory on how Ferengi are really just a bunch of egg nog deprived Gollum.

When I first watched DS9, I liked the Nog character more than his hum-on friend, Jake Sisko. Nog was true to his culture but also brave — he was unafraid to question authority and to do what was right. So this weekend, as you drink your nog, think of Nog and how you could be a little more like him.

Take a moment this weekend to be kind to yourself and those you hold dear. Perhaps extend that kindness to a stranger or an estranged friend or family member. Let’s help everyone Laugh Long and Prosper.

star-trek-ds9-nog-timeTrivia: Nog is a close second to Geordi La Forge for holding the most ranks on screen.