Spocktober – A Dandy Update (Or: The Comings And Goings Of The Dandies In Toronto)

Spocktober (October Updates)

An efficient and logical update to keep The Dandies on your RADAR, SONAR, and LIDAR:

We’ve already had two shows this month:

  • As you’ve probably heard by now, through the audience grapevine, the performers or us, our October episode was quite fun. Join us November 5th for our next episode.
  • Andie and I had an opportunity to join Tomes Adventure Improv for their venue-closing event last Friday at the Central. They are moving to The Smiling Buddha next month

But you have more chances to connect with us:

Additionally, make yourself available for the following shows from our friends:

  • Oct. 14 – 19: Marion Bridge, Deanna Palazzo (who plays with us as Ensign Pattycake) co-produces and stars in the award winning Daniel MacIvor play.
  • Oct. 17-26: Sidekicks and Secret Identities, our friends (Monkeyman Productions, Manda Whitney, and Errol Elumir) present a geeky play about… sidekicks and secret identities!