S2E10 Captain’s Epilogue – USS Les Trivia

S2E10 Captain’s Epilogue – USS Les Trivia

As a noted event in blogTO event and Debs and Errol‘s comic, The Dandies and Friends delighted the audience at The Social Capital Theatre. With the full complement of the USS Albatross aboard, the night was filled with super silly Star Trek improv. We made up improvised Star Trek songs and scenes about “zorbazorb” (audience supplied: sperm whale deer), “bluerorangegreenpurpleyellow” ore (audience supplied), and leadership.

Holodeck Follies - USS Albatross crew
Holodeck Follies – USS Albatross crew

The non-Trekkie portion of the night was also an enjoyable adventure. Also, thanks to Social Capital Theatre for joining in on the sci-fi fun by creating special drinks. View the photonic lifeforms for pictures of those and our guests.

  • Fratwurst premiered new sketches to open the night! These funny guys know how to create outrageous characters, that would be hellish to know in real life, but amazing to watch on stage. There was a bottomless pit, an awkward interview, and a shared lunch-gone-wrong. If you see them on a playbill, make sure you check them out. Thanks to Eric Miinch for joining us for the second improv set — we had some crazy good moments!
  • Mayce Galoni‘s great stand-up set was tight and had the audience in fits. We love his material (excepting the rape joke that doesn’t land) and his recovery “Some of these work better in Hamilton bars”. He has a good grasp of self-effacing humour, allowing him to go to dark places and keep the audience laughing.

Thanks again for the laughter that keeps the USS Albatross flying.

Our next Holodeck Follies is in a month but we hope to see you at our third annual Movember fundraiser, Close Shave 3 on Saturday, November 1st.
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