Hear Hear To The Crew Of The Albatross

I started Holodeck Follies in 2013 to celebrate The Dandies first anniversary. Each month, I promote our guest performers leading up to the night and then again afterward. I have been remiss in not acknowledging and thanking my friends more often on this site, for sharing the stage and laughter with us, and making the show fun to do for the last two years.

Jason ZingerJason Zinger
When I first pitched the show to prospective musical directors, Jordan Armstrong was keen to play the part but really busy. When I approached Jason, he was also keen to play, was also really busy, but committed hard. Excepting one or two shows, he has underscored every monthly Holodeck Follies show. He wrote a Star Trek parody song (Star Fleet, Star Fleet) and helped us improvise many songs across many shows.

"Evil" Ensign HottHugh Cameron
Hugh joined us for a couple of episodes, including the very first episode as the rascally Mirror Universe ensign, Ensign Earl Grey Hott. It certainly didn’t hurt that he was an old school Trekkie. Hugh and I play together in Special Features so we know each other’s style and humour.

Classic Star Trek fight in slow motionAlan Leightizer
Alan has been our jovial Ensign since the beginning. Well technically, he has never wanted a rank, using every excuse he can to have his character die (and be revived). And who are we to blame him. Guy Guyson was voted concurrently most likely to come up to a solution to the most ridiculous problem, and most likely to be a ridiculous problem. Thus, as in any organization, he has successfully failed upward to Junior Sub-Lieutenant 2nd-Grade. I look up to Alan as much for his height as his humourous use of physicality and wordplay.

wpid-IMG_1147.jpgDeanna Palazzo
Deanna is the hardest working performer in Toronto when she isn’t busy being the hardest working producer in Toronto. We met in a musical improv class (thanks Boomer!) and stayed in touch, offering suggestions and support over the years. When she made the bold statement that she wanted to make more time for performing, I leapt at the opportunity. Deanna is a great, physical performer, unafraid of misadventure, which made her perfect for the Red Shirt Brigade.

Zach MealiaZach Mealia
Zach is our resident scoundrel. He gets into everything but people are too busy laughing to scold him. Another physical performer, Zach has boundless energy for the absurd. We’ve had him drink a pitcher of contested ale and perform stand-up for the show. There isn’t a challenge he won’t accept… while that is disconcerting, we’ll try to channel it all for the good of the Federation.

The crew of the USS AlbatrossLara Harb
Lara has played with us the least but has been a supporter of the show since the beginning. Before she joined us, she knew nothing of Star Trek but that hasn’t stopped her from donning the red shirt and joining in the adventure. For boldly going “Yes And” to improvising a topic she doesn’t really know, I applaud you. Also, she makes the cutest spy…er Ensign Doctor!

Thank you, each of you, for making things up and making it worth doing every month. See you on Wednesday!