September (mid-month) Update

A Dandy Update


We haven’t posted one of these since the Spring! We had a busy summer:

This last one was a needed eye-opener for me. I’ve pushed hard to get The Dandies recognized / noticed / accepted over the last few years ironically resulting in a deteriorated social life. In the last few weeks, we have brought more balance to our after-work life, with a mix of seeing friends/seeing friends shows, and staying home.

Nerd Nite

nerd-nite-torontoWe had a great time celebrating Nerd Nite Toronto‘s fourth anniversary. It is a great monthly event, where you get to learn something new over a brew. The Mad Scientist had great tricks with dry ice (and fireworks) and the Historical Toronto Tourguide gave a great insight into the days of yore.

The co-founder of Steam Whistle was the guest that resonated with me the most. The company origin story was inspiring enough but really, it was the philosophy that struck me — the importance of Doing One Thing Really Well. It is a message I have received from a few sources within the Universe and through the year I have worked to embrace it.


We finished watching Star Trek: Voyager and probably won’t continue DS9 this year. I needed a break from the Trek universe. The jury is still out whether we will give Enterprise a chance… maybe in a few years. As a way to cleanse the palate, we’ve been watching other sci-fi series (namedrop: BSG, Farscape, Haven, Life on Mars, Red Dwarf, Supernatural) primarily for entertainment, but also to learn other geek cultural references. Even from the little that we’ve seen of BSG so far, it has increased my appreciation for my geek band friends (namedrop: Debs & Errol, Copy Red Leader) and their songs!

Other sci-fi improv shows, podcasts (namedrop: Illusionoid), and YouTube shows (namedrop: Space Janitors) are gaining momentum and awareness among the non-comedy crowd. So, while there is an appetite for more live sci-fi entertainment (and it is always tempting to create something new), I’m not ready to let go of Holodeck Follies — I want to keep doing this one thing really well!

On The Horizon

That being said, here is our fall line up:
wpid-emprov-plasma-globe.jpegTonight we perform virtually free — no format, no admission, no audience! Can’t make this show? See you in a month!

From the comfort of our home to the comfort of yours, our monthly Internet show on starts at 9:30 p.m. and we will be joined by far away improvisers at 10 p.m.

UX3-logoWe are part of the Unplugged Expo 3 September 27th and 28th! See the update story for details. Come join us and other wonderful geeks!

rainboxcinemaOn September 28th, the next installment of Sci-fi Sundays takes place with The Matrix! We are hosting this nostalgic sci-fi movie series, and warming up the audience with improv and trivia. You can also suggest sci-fi movies that you would like to see on the big screen once again. Can’t see this show? See you in two weeks!

It gives Andie and I the chance to see some classic movies together and with friends, on the big screen.

The DandiesOur next Holodeck Follies is October 1st, titled “USS Les Trivia” comes with all the Star Trek improv you desire and two great variety acts (namedrop: sketch comedians Fratwurst and stand-up comedian Mayce Galoni). Can’t make this show? See you in a month!

Sadly the show falls on the opposite end of Hallowe’en but maybe we can pull a few tricks and offer a few treats anyway!

Dandies - stacheWe have just started gathering people to raise awareness for men’s mental and physical health, using the Movember 2014 site. We would love for you to join us, whether you are a performer or audience member, with no pressure to raise funds.

That being said, we have our fundraiser party, Close Shave 3 – A Movember fundraiser in 3 Acts on November 1st where we do hope to entertain and raise our annual goal for the cause.

Even in looking at this list, I don’t believe we are that busy.

Laugh Long and Prosper