Season 2, Episode 8 – Captain’s Prologue – Tutu Beam Up

After a wonderful long weekend, it is normally difficult to get back into work mode but we’re ready for the next Holodeck Follies!

August 6th (S2e8): Tutu Beam Up
Wardrobe malfunctions are so last century.


Star Trek improv with Captain Tachyon Field (Dale Wells), Lt Commander Jennifer Kumquat (Andie Leathley), Jr. Sub-Lt. 2nd-grade Guyson (Alan Leightizer) & the Red Shirt Brigade (Deanna Palazzo, Lara Harb and Zach Mealia), and music director Jason Zinger.

For our non-Trekkies in the audience, we have music from Kraken Not Stirred, sketch comedy from Heather & Brie, and stand-up from Korri Birch.

Admission: $8 at the door.

Facebook: Event Page.  Early Bird Draw details on the event page.

Bring your gold-plated latinum to our Promenade and support local art creators (music, books, jewellery, craft) and get a tasty treat from Sweet Gluten Freedom!