ConBravo! Countdown

The Dandies, selfieAs with many fans of geekdom, today we have suffered the excruciating countdown to the con (or countdown to quitting time for those without a fandom). Once that Flintstone’s whistle blows, we are headed on a bus down to Hamilton. Tomorrow, The Dandies bring a version of Holodeck Follies to ConBravo!, the 5th Annual Festival of Everything Geek!

Though we will only have two senior officers on the bridge (Captain Tachyon Field and Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Kumquat), we are confident that the USS Albatross will come away with funny new stories and fond new memories. As with every away mission, if you’re wearing a red shirt, chances are we will recruit you to our Red Shirt Brigade. It is also likely that we will hang out in Ten-Too-Forward and do Romulan Ale shots with everyone.

Holodeck Follies – Cast Away Mission

One half Star Trek love letter (for Trekkies), one half parody (for non-Trekkies), Holodeck Follies: Cast-Away Mission is an interactive show! Our fate not only depends on you, but brings you along for the ride. Be a redshirt, be a tribble… just be there!

Hosted by The Dandies, who have entertained Toronto audiences for years with their improvised Star Trek episodes. The USS Albatross is a venerable Huron class freighter. Its crew, on the other hand, can’t spell venerable let alone live up to that title.

Saturday July 19, 2014 10:00am – 11:00am, Chedoke A

We are looking forward to seeing out friends Debs & Errol, Manda, Never, and others on the convention floor. Also looking forward to seeing/hearing brentalfloss tonight, and meeting new friends this weekend!

If you are also at the convention, I hope we cross paths, but even if not, my hope for you this weekend is to Laugh long and prosper.