S2E7 Captain’s Epilogue – Tribbles With Troubles

July 2nd (s2e7): Tribbles With Troubles

Some problems won’t let go; they like to Klingon.

The tribble fur was flying last night! The place was packed with people ready to laugh and every act delivered! Congrats to Taz Collins was the luck winner of our Early Bird ticket giveaway to see Zabrina Chevannes on July 6th! Ensign Aaron walked away with a door prize and Ensigns Tim and Mark walked away with prize packs for helping out during the episode.

The crowd included some new faces — some travelling across the country, others from the States, to experience Holodeck Follies for the first time. Everyone, new and familiar, was well entertained!

  • The Rocket Scientists made the entire audience gasp with collective nerd horror during the anti-nerd sketch with the comment that the whole Picard versus Shatner debate is “Star Wars, right?” Their insistence during the Archie sketch that the whole PG rating of Riverdale was Dilton’s elaborate misconception was too hilarious. We definitely ‘shipped a Jughead/Archie (Jughie? Arhead?) connection by the end.
  • Garrett Jamieson charmed the audience with his rare collection of jobs (porn shop, funeral home, etc.) and his hilarious jokes about ice cubes. By the end, it wasn’t just Andie that became his best friend, but the whole audience.
  • Debs & Errol played their Star Trek songs to the delight of the audience. There was an audible gasp for their Let it Go Parody called Make it so. Andie created some Q-inspired mischief during Tribbles by opening up the portable tribble containment unit and pummeling Debs with tribbles. The audience loved it.

And Star Trek improv with The Dandies and friends. With the help of Jason Zinger (Music Director), the crew sang their way through the night:

  • Jr. Sub-Lt. 2nd-grade: Guy Guyson (Alan Leightizer) sang “Permission To Shrimp Away”
  • Captain Tachyon Field (Dale Wells) and Ensign Enson Zach (Zach Mealia) sang “Tribbles With Troubles”
  • Ensign Starlight Sauvignon (Lara Harb) sang “Lost Love”
  • Sauvignon & Guyson sang “(You’re My) All You Can Eat Buffet”
  • Lt Commander Jennifer Kumquat (Andie Leathley) sang the final song, “My Only Weakness”, but was interrupted by Sauvignon

Pre- and post-show we had the Promenade to support local art creators – music, books, jewellery, and crafts. People were drawn to Jeff Currey’s Star Trek fudge. It looked tasty and was out of this world!

July’s photonic lifeforms

Our next Holodeck Follies is August 6th, 2014. Don’t miss it!

Laugh Long and Prosper

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* You can’t help yourself. You really want to get a sense of what you missed in the continuing tale of Holodeck Follies storyline? Select this text and scroll down.

  • Guyson was pilfering the cargo hold shrimp container but it made him sick
  • Field caught Zach (who was baked) and told him to capture all of the tribbles he let loose
  • Kumquat’s doppleganger was loose on the bridge, much to everyone’s delight
  • In sick bay, Sauvignon transformed Guyson into a giant shrimp, in the guise of fixing him
  • Ensign Tim and Mark helped Guyson and Sauvignon with the cure
  • Zach ate away at Guyson
  • Kumquat transformed Guyson back to “human”
  • Field kicked Zach off the ship
  • Zach escaped in a shuttle