Season 2, Episode 7 – Captain’s Prologue – Tribbles With Troubles

Tomorrow night (8 p.m.), The Dandies take the USS Albatross out for a spin with warped-humour drives engaged.

July 2nd (s2e7): Tribbles With Troubles
Some problems won’t let go; they like to Klingon.

Keep cool with a night of hot entertainment:

And Star Trek improv with The Dandies and friends:

Captain: Tachyon Field (Dale Wells)
Lt Commander: Jennifer Kumquat (Andie Leathley)
Jr. Sub-Lt. 2nd-grade: Guy Guyson (Alan Leightizer)
The Red Shirt Brigade ( Lara Harb and Zach Mealia)
Music Director: Jason Zinger.

Pre- and post-show we will have the Promenade open support local art creators – music, books, jewellery, and crafts.

Facebook: Event Page

Admission: $8 at the door.