My Invisibility Cloak

There are times as an adult that I felt like I have an invisibility cloak. It is unsettling to be in a crowd of people and suddenly be jostled by people. I am not a small guy but they don’t see me. It isn’t really controllable — I just seem to have the ability to disappear off people’s radar until I say something.

For example, at karaoke where the host sees me but still misses my name in rotations, even after I mention something. You might suggest that I’ve done something to bother that host but it has occurred with hosts that know and like me.

There are times though, that I just perceive myself as invisible, that what I am doing goes unnoticed. For example, I promote Holodeck Follies as hard as I do, because of that perceived invisibility. Seeing the show listed everywhere doesn’t quell that anxiety as effectively as someone mentioning that we’re on their radar or that they’ve heard of us through word of mouth. One of the reasons I express as much appreciation to those people who have been part of the show (onstage or off) is that I am thankful to be visible.

Yesterday I saw a scientific article that may explain my power:

Invisibility cloak for immune cells

The various cells in the immune system have to protect themselves from one another so that they don’t kill each other. Immune biologist Annette Oxenius and her team have now discovered a previously unknown mechanism that immune cells use to protect themselves from friendly fire.

I was inspired by that article for two reasons:

  1. Scientists are using treknobabble to describe our world. Sure, “invisibility cloak” is an old D&D term but interferon receptors? Totally our language.
  2. Scientists are starting to understand more about ourselves at the molecular level. That brings us one step closer to teleportation.

Maybe I just have excess Interferon. I should look at it as a gift and not a curse. However, if I suddenly disappear, please don’t assume I’ve done so on purpose! Call for help, I’ve been abducted by Klingons to be used for their cloaking technology!
Cloaking Device joke

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