Holodeck Follies – The Rocket Scientists

If you’ve not seen a lot of sketch comedy in Toronto, you might be forgiven for not having heard of The Rocket Scientists. Not by us, of course. (We’re judgy that way.) The sketch quartet should be more brazen — their talent has earned it for them, but they are humble, approachable, and you are going to love them.

rocket-scientistsThe Rocket Scientists are smart, silly, often nerdy and always a blast. Their high-concept style plays with genre and language, garnering them coverage in various Toronto publications, along with an interview for BiteTV. In their debut year with the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival (2013), they were the winners of the ‘Steamwhistle Producers’ Pick Award’.

Individually, they are: Ephraim Ellis, Brandon Hackett, Kevin Macneil, and Chris Small.

Since 2011, they have played venues all over Toronto, been part of the Toronto, Montreal, and New York City Sketchfests, and everyone showers them with deserved praise and accolades. We are fortunate they are available to join us July 2nd for our next episode of Holodeck Follies, “Tribbles With Troubles”.

You can connect with The Rocket Scientists on Twitter: @RocketsComedy and check ‘em out on YouTube!