Stage Select Gaming Expo: The Ultimate Ultimate Game, Canadian Edition

This weekend (Saturday, June 28th, 7pm specifically), The Dandies and Friends are headed to the inaugural SGX-Logo-w-text

Stage Select is an all-inclusive fandom event where visitors can choose from an array of events that will cater to their different areas of interest. No two games are exactly alike and gamers thrive on this diversity in playing options. The kind of events are included, but not limited to: table-top gaming, LARP’ing and cosplaying. There will be something for everyone to come and see and play.”

Join The Dandies and our (improviser/karaoke/gamer) friend Alan Leightizerin Presentation Hall, as we exchange one geekdom for another: putting our Trekkie love away and releasing our inner gaming geek! Through improvisational comedy, you will help us will brainstorm, pitch, and re-enact scenes and demos from the Absolutely Made-Up, Possibly the Worst Idea Ever, but ultimately the Ultimate, Ultimate Game – Canadian Edition, in just one hour.


Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre 6 Garamond Court Toronto, ON M3C 1Z5


Buy your tickets through the SGX site today and join us Saturday! Hang out with us at the developers and vendors tables!

The Dandies – Makers of Massive Multiplayer Silliness