Geek Craft Sunday – Promenade Preview for July

Our promenade kicked off on our show on Wednesday and it was a great start with lots of interest in the artists’ works. My plan was to include merch on the table, but due to glue issues and lack of time I didn’t get a chance to put anything Andie-made on the table. Although, we did a guess the number of tribbles game with the portable tribble containment unit and lucky Devin from Copy Red Leader made the guess of 24! Can you believe those 2 tribbles reproduced into 24 tribbles in this thing?


Devin won 4 tribbles, which likely means that by now he has 628. Sorry Devin.

Other than having my tribbles for sale at the Promenade, I will also be selling some Star Trek-inspired jewelry that is based on our comm badge design.

Check it out:

They are made of polymer clay and nickle-free metal jewelry findings. You can find these for sale at our next Holodeck Follies on July 2nd. What better way to show your geek pride than with Star Trek jewelry? šŸ™‚