S2E6 Captain’s Epilogue

Season 2, Episode 6: Best of Bath World

“Fluidic space. Species 8472. Bubble bath. What could go wrong?”
We had a great show, thanks to the funny crew of the USS Albatross. The crowd fell in love with the new Ensign, Patti Cake, who was 90’s pop-obsessed. They cheered on Ensign Guy Guyson’s paralysis dance and the audience Ensigns that helped him talk and move. They nearly died laughing at Ensign Enson Zach’s transformation into a horrible tribble beast. Even 8472 got in on the action in the end. It was a great episode, and you missed it… but we will make more!

In support of the Market Square Rainbow Cinemas Movie Marathon for the Fresh Air Fund, the fundraiser was a success. We raised our goal of $250 through private donations, Copy Red Leader CD sales, IRuinComics.ca button sales, 50-50 draw, tribble count guessing game, and auction sales. By the end of the night I learned that auctions (silent or live) are the hardest sell. Going forward we will modify the format to reduce the barrier to entry and reduce our stress. Specifically, we will sell raffle tickets ($2) and let people decide which prize(s) they want to try to win.

Our musical guests were top-notch but, being distracted with fundraising activities, I may have misheard the song titles!

  • Ukulele superstar (& webcomic artist), Kari Maaren was a delight. She charmed the audience with her songs, Endless GoT (ed.: “Dear George R. R. Martin”) and Princess Skywalker (ed.: “Come Rescue Me”). Then she mocked our love of Star Trek with the snappy and clever Browncoats are Better (ed.: YouTube: “Trekless”).
  • Copy Red Leader closed out the night with songs that they wrote specifically for our show over the last year; the songs are featured on their newest CD, Crossing The Streams. They took on the same format as Kari, starting with a lovely song, “The Dandies Made Us Write This” (ed. Dyson Sphere). Their next song showed a darker side of life at the bottom of the officer chain: “Pacifist Punching Bag” (Brawl In 10 Forward). Then Devin made sure I was listening and flaunted his anti-Federation rebelliousness, (the Force is strong with this one) with the next song, “Messing With Dale” (ed. Messing With The Fed). If the audience wasn’t enthralled before, then their finale song sealed the deal (ed. YouTube: Ode To Spot).
    Even the performers from the later show went quiet so they could listen.

See Photonic Lifeforms in action!

Our new Promenade (to support local art creators of music, books, jewellery, craft) was definitely a conversation piece for those who visited Quark’s (the bar). It is a feature that will continue at the show with some returning and some new artists. Next month we will also have gluten-free confectionary on site thanks to Sweet Gluten Freedom!

Our next Holodeck Follies is July 2nd, 2014. Don’t miss it!

Laugh Long and Prosper

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* You can’t help yourself. You really want to get a sense of what you missed in the continuing tale of Holodeck Follies storyline? Select this text and scroll down.

  • The computer notes a Red Alert, initially no one admits to pissing off the ship, then everyone does
  • Ensign Patti Cake is covered in plasmium and filled with guilt
  • Jennifer Kumquat uses her Q powers to change Cake’s uniform. It changes with each new scene
  • Tachyon Field goes to Engineering and finds Enson Zach punching the plasma coils
  • Zach sings a song about joining his plasma with the warp plasma
  • Zach’s hand is deformed and Field sends him to sick bay
  • Field and Cake get to know each other and sing a love song about fighting to the death
  • Field then sings a Martian apology song to the computer
  • Kumquat was playing with the Portable Tribble Containment Unit; tribbles escape
  • Field is paralyzed and requires audience Ensigns to move and remember treknobabble
  • Guyson and Kumquat sing the Blue Alert song to send the tribbles to sleep
  • Zach has tribble-hand; Field teleports him off the ship– this makes it worse
  • Zach is transformed into a hideous half-tribble beast
  • Guyson sings Zach to sleep; Field teleports him off the ship
  • Species 8472 shows up
  • Guyson and Cake use the ship’s manifest to locate the items to be delivered: M&Ms
  • Zach is eating the M&Ms as they are attempted to be given over
  • “You don’t know where my hand has been” / “You don’t know where my mouth has been”