Season 2, Episode 5: Captain’s Prologue – Best of Bath World

June 4th (S2E5): Best Of Bath World
“Fluidic space. Species 8472. Bubble bath. What could go wrong?”

I could talk about our next mission to deliver some fancy bath products to Risa IV. The barter system is top notch.

I could talk about our newest crewmembers. The crew of the USS Albatross is even more top notch.

I could talk about our new Promenade featuring amazing crafts, books, jewellery, and music.

Instead I will say, “tomorrow night, I hope to leave you laughing, as you leave with a lighter wallet.”

This episode will be a fundraiser in support of the Market Square Rainbow Cinemas Movie Marathon for the Fresh Air Fund.In addition to your admission:

Admission: Pay What You Can ($8 suggested)

We will accept gold-pressed latinum (cash) and Paypal for auction/donations (and Promenade) purchases; for people we know we will also accept e-mail transfers.

Holodeck Follies - Best of Bath World - in support of Rainbow Cinemas Fresh Air Fund fundraiser