Holodeck Follies – Copy Red Leader

Copy Red Leader (Devin Melanson and Leslie Hudson) photo: Karl Stahl (http://paintedred.com)
Copy Red Leader
(Devin Melanson and Leslie Hudson)
photo: Karl Stahl (http://paintedred.com)

Copy Red Leader

I love the Copy Red Leader‘s new CD, Crossing The Streams; I am not a reviewer so I am not going to pretend to have the air of impartiality. I love that, like their website redesign, it has a polished sound like something you would get at a record store, yet it retains that up close and personal feel of a small club.

Copy Red Leader deserves radio play, to be touring across the continent, to be Canadian celebrities; they have been nominated for a Prix Aurora award this year, along with Kari. They are also a Canadian Geek Bands member. I am glad that Holodeck Follies (tomorrow night) is on the road to that future; we are the middle show on their Crossing The Streams CD Release mini-tour.

We’ve had the good fortune to host the band a few times, most recently when we performed at Ad Astra in April. We are honoured that they took up the challenge of writing a new Star Trek song for each time we crossed paths… streams. But as if that wasn’t enough, they have even newer Star Trek material on the CD.

I am unsure what our feature performers will play tomorrow. Like Kari, we had a hard time limiting their setlist. Dyson Sphere, a song they dedicated to us, might surface, but likely they will play their title song, Crossing The Streams.

You know that tomorrow’s show is a fundraiser but you’re going to want to bring an extra $10 to pick up a copy of the CD.

You can connect with Copy Red Leader on Twitter: @copyredleader