Geek Craft Sunday – Portable Tribble Containment Unit

Foam core board is a great thing for creating props and you can buy it at the dollar store.

So I said to myself: “Self, what can I make with this?”
And my self answered: “I could make a portable tribble containment unit, but I need some flexible plexiglass.”
So I said to myself: “Good thinking! You brilliant half-Q.”

And then I stopped talking to myself in the dollar store and bought the foam core boards.

Be Prepared!

I bought some flexible plexiglass and assembled my materials.
Then I took a nap. Naps are really important in crafting. Take lots.

When I woke up, I started making the portable tribble containment unit.

And there you have it: flexible plexiglass, packing tape, foam core board, duct tape, and electric tape. Portable tribble containment unit with removable lid: geek craft level 10.

Of course, I had to test it out. I put two tribbles in and then went to tell Captain Field about it.

Two happy tribbles. Nothing bad could happen right?

Captain Field came in to this:

Uh oh…. well surely this couldn’t get any worse….right?

Captain Field and I went to fetch some other things to keep the tribbles apart and well….

I think I need a bigger boat…

Okay…. Uh Captain Field….Any ideas?

Yeah….that thing is going to burst….

I might need to make a few more…..