The Power Of Why – Pt. 1

As inspired as most tedTalk videos leave me feeling, Simon Sinek’s talk on the power of inspired leadership resonated with me and caused a perspective shift. To paraphrase: where an innovative premise is driven and shared by the leadership, it is more likely to be embraced by the workers and, in spite of failure, there is progressive success. Where leaders focus on the bottom line, the bottom line is all that is reached.

We have a great premise with Holodeck Follies, and more people are embracing it as we continue, but I have mostly promoted the What (Star Trek variety) and the Who (our guest acts, ourselves), but not spent a lot of time expressing the Why.

The parallels to the improvisational artform are not lost on me. Watching someone mime an activity, or engage their partners physically, is more interesting than hearing the two talk about stuff. For me, watching the discovery as to why the characters are acting a particular way trumps both.

Consider this an exploration mini-series, to boldly go where I haven’t gone before.

In part two, I will share the two driving goals for producing the show. In part three, I will share my personal goals. There may be a part four, stay tuned as we discover that together.

The crew of the USS Albatross
The crew of the USS Albatross