S2E5 Captain’s Epilogue

Season 2, Episode 5: Vulcan Hissy Fit
What an amazing night! Don’t believe us? Read the review we received at Examiner.com from John K Kirk.

Vulcan Hissy Fit

“The crew of the Albatross have come down with a case of Vulcan blood fever.”
There were improvised songs about Hull Damage and Hormones, Universal Domination, Saying the Wrong Thing, Tigers and lions and bears, oh my! (actually, just tigers) The audience participated in the adventure and with sound effects. It was a great episode, and you missed it… but we will make more!

  • Herman Wang of Delica-m kicked off the night by premiering their new, Star Trek themed, music video: “Pretty In The Dark” (view on Youtube).
  • Music director Jason Zinger continued the music with his show opener, “Star Fleet, Star Fleet” (New York, New York parody).
  • Not enough music? PHATT al and 98 Problems killed it with their hip-hop long-form improv set! You’ll see more of them around town and on our stage (and not just because Dale is part of the group).
  • As expected, the awesome Garrett Jamieson had people in fits of laughter with his stand-up set. He was already in the running as being our favourite Toronto stand-up but stepping in last minute to fill the slot gave him a definite edge in the competition.

We have captured Photonic Lifeforms from last night. Take a look!

We also had Jesse LaFleur, proprietor of Lucky Cat Novelty Co. out to share his fun products. We are open to other crafters and artists to approach us about coming out with their theme-appropriate merchandise.

Our next Holodeck Follies is June 4th, 2014. Don’t miss it!

Laugh Long and Prosper

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* You can’t help yourself. You really want to get a sense of what you missed in the continuing tale of Holodeck Follies storyline? Select this text and scroll down.

  • Guyson (Leightizer) and Lt. Deanna Froi discovered a new love. This may (or not) been caused by extreme hull damage
  • Enson exposed the crew to an open container of Gray Poupon Farr mustard
  • Field and Kumquat became transformed into Vulcans
  • Enson tried to fix the hull damage (Drew’s drills, chicken feathers and the mustard) but got sucked out into space
  • The crew ignored Enson’s imminent danger and played logic games
  • Enson eventually returned but the experience has driven him mad with revenge
  • Guyson (overcome by his Vulcan blood lust) tried to incite a fight with Field but Kumquat (overcome by logic) broke them all free of the mustard’s power through her love for Field (who became overcome by lust)