Now Toronto Best-Of 2014

now-toronto-logoOur friends, Debs & Errol, entered the CBC Music Searchlight contest earlier this year to bring positive exposure to geek music. Dale was inspired to do the same for the improv community: we are entering into Now Toronto’s Readers Choice “Best-of 2014” popularity contest, and we are asking for your help to get geek improv on the radar!

Join us as we take this silly thing seriously.

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Name: The Dandies
Why: (Maybe you were bullied. Maybe you love geek improv comedy. Maybe we bullied you into liking loving geek improv comedy. It is your call.)

Is it presumptuous? Of course! Do we deserve to walk side-by-side with the greats, like Mantown and National Theatre of the World? Yes, because a) Now Toronto encourages everyone to enter (and gather their friends and family to do so), and b) we acknowledge that you can’t have people stand out from the crowd without a crowd. We are willing to be that crowd. This year.