S2E4 Captain’s Epilogue

Season 2, Episode 4: The Perfect Meet
We were joined this month by friends from two great organizations: Culturelink and Elegy: a Doompunk LARP. Their laughter and suggestions fuelled some fun (silly, weird, wonderful) improv, and provided a great reception for our guest performers.

Why you should check out our guests next time they perform:

  • zabrina-chevannesStand-up comedian Zabrina Chevannes killed it with nursing and family jokes; we were glad that she incorporated her sleepwalking and LA visit routines too.
  • Rulers of the Universe had great sketches, taking known pop culture references and absurdly ramping that world into a frenzy. Their name is well-earned, especially with sketches like Wheel of Fortune and the Paranoid Witness (my titles).
  • rulers-of-the-universeBrie Watson had to take care of her sick cat, so she could not make it out this time. Stay Tuned!

We have great performers lined up for our next Holodeck Follies (May 7th, 2014), as well as a music video premiere from Delica-m, so save the date!

Our next show (and first off-site/con show) is at Ad Astra on Friday, April 4th with Copy Red Leader!

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* To catch up on the Holodeck Follies storyline, select this text and scroll down.

  • Ensign Guyson (Leightizer) was promoted to Lieutenant.
  • Ensign Enson (Mealia) insanely ate the entire shipment of live chickens. He tried to cover up his mess by creating a mutant creature by stuffing chicken bones in its butt. Lt Cmdr Kumquat (Leathley) pointed out how much the Captain wanted chicken but before she could transform it…
  • Captain Field (Wells) claimed the mutant creature was fascinating but really wanted it out of sight
  • Kumquat tried to use her Q powers but they weren’t working fully. The creature mutated into other things including a mermaid and Rodney Dangerfield
  • Enson fed the mermaid creature to the Captain’s Ready Room piranhas, that got loose and caused a hull breach; the Captain was sucked into the foreboding lower hull
  • Enson found the Captain lodged in a chair-shaped bulkhead and helped him back to Ten-Two-Forward where they relaxed and had drinks
  • Feeling like something was missing, the Captain told Kumquat that he yearned for something unattainable
  • Kumquat fashioned an away team who broke into the Schlaboobli vaults and attained the Mona Lisa
  • Enson ended up being stranded due to a broken communicator, and Field beamed down on a rescue mission. He gave Enson the working communicator, in the same way the mutant creature received its chicken bone.