Holodeck Follies – Dandychat with Zabrina Chevannes

zabrina-chevannesWe had the fortune to chill with comedian Zabrina Chevannes today, and embark on something new to all of us — a Twitter chatterview!

Dale captured as much as he could using Storify, go check it out!

Zabrina shared her Star Trek favourites (all the ladies, naturally) and her desire to be the Dr. Pulaski of the show. She reassured us that it was her nursing background, rather than her anti-transhumanist stance, that made that role interesting to her!

We are excited for next Wednesday, April 2nd (8pm) when Zabrina shares her killer nursing and alien goo jokes at Holodeck Follies.

Laugh Long and Prosper

You can connect with Zabrina on Twitter: @zabrina75

Holodeck Follies - April 2014

April 2nd (S2e4): The Perfect Meet
“The crew of the Albatross navigate the Perseid meteor showers to deliver an ambassador with an important package.”

Star Trek improv with Captain Tachyon Field (Dale Wells), Lt Commander Jennifer Kumquat (Andie Leathley), Ensign Guyson (Alan Leightizer), Brie Watson, and music director Jason Zinger.

with guests:
Stand-up comedian Zabrina Chevannes (featured act)
Sketch comedy from Rulers of the Universe

Admission: $8 advance/$10 at the door.
Facebook: https://facebook.com/events/679969752042960

Location: Black Swan Tavern, 154 Danforth Ave., 2nd floor, Toronto, ON