Pod People

Nimoy as Dr. David Kibner in Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Pod People)
The Dandies are officially pod people, having completed our first interview with the charming Emily Schooley for the new Toronto-focused podcast, Outside the Clubhouse.

We had a great chat sharing our origin story, our engagement, an overview of our shows, and the importance in providing a place for female performers in the Toronto comedy community*. Somehow Emily will craft the hour-long conversation into a concise 15 minute chat. The podcast goes live April 1st and we will share the link when we have it!

Speaking of giving female performers some room, we have a Twitter chat scheduled with our April 2nd headliner, comedian Zabrina Chevannes. It will take place Friday, March 28 at noon ET. Get in on the conversation by following us @torontoDandies and using #Dandychat. This will be Zabrina’s first twitter chat so let’s show her some love!

* I hope that my comment [on that importance to provide space] stays in the podcast: “Others from another Mother“. It was an off-the-cuff phrase that now has me smitten.