Everything Is Coming Up Milhouse La Forge

Everything is coming up Milhouse!

As mentioned last week, we created a newsletter through Mail Chimp. This frees us up to use this site for blogging, informational updates, and general interest stories; to use social media to be social; and to connect with (and more importantly, reward) our fans by e-mail.

We are excited by the addition of our new crew-members, but moreso that we get to host a birthday celebration for our friend, cosplay Captain Kathryn Janeway (Brie Watson)!

We are also grateful to have friends coming to the next Holodeck Follies (April 2nd) from CultureLink Settlement Services and Elegy: a Doompunk LARP. The latter group has the Phage metamorphoses in a post apocalyptic world. It is like they are living the genesis of the Vidiians from the Delta quadrant!

As noted in our newsletter, there is a tangible increase in projects and interest, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Stay tuned, I am sure we will be unable to keep quiet until the next newsletter!

p.s. As a lark I photoshopped the image of Milhouse (from the Simpson’s) with Geordi’s VISOR. I realized that Geordi is basically the Milhouse of TNG — smart, socially awkward, second fiddle. Originally, I was going to make him a Borg, but they would not have assimilated his uniqueness into their collective. Could you have imagined a Homer of Borg though? *shudder* A fate worse than being infected with a neurolytic pathogen.