S2E3: Captain’s Epilogue

Season 2, Episode 3: Sings of the Father
The HR Ensign (Jennifer Matotek) was aboard to inspect the crew of the USS Albatross for Star Fleet regulation infractions but ends up facilitating a mutiny led by Riker (Russell Batcher). Everyone sang up an ion storm thanks to our musical director, Jason Zinger! Ensign Guyson (Alan Leightizer) died again.

Our guests were top-notch:

  • Bitches Leave were a delight, with smart and sassy humour. Their Muppet sketch was my favourite but the audience loved the action-oriented and entirely plausible Undercover Fireman.
  • Kris Siddiqi was out on location filming Space Janitors but dropped in with some great impersonations (his Cosby and Obama are perfect) and jokes about children and Raffi that had the audience chiming in.
  • Chelsea P. Manders, our feature act, had the audience wrapped around her finger. She deftly wove Star Trek material between and within her folksy (and sometimes naughty) songs. Existential Baby and Britannia the Yummy Mummy were probably the audience favourites but everyone was engaged through the entire set.

We have great guest performers lined up for our next Holodeck Follies (April 2nd, 2014) so save the date!


To catch up on the Holodeck Follies storyline, select this text and scroll down.

  • Ensign Guyson (Leightizer) forgot the Captain’s name again and was suitably punished by being ejected from the ship without a suit. He was brought back (to life) by Lt Cmdr Jennifer Kumquat
  • Kumquat (Leathley) shared a tender moment with the HR Ensign (Matotek) in the arboretum while talking about the aquarium, sanitarium, planetarium, and librarium. It ended with a warning from the HR Ensign about inappropriate touching to Guyson and Kumquat.
  • Ensign Billy (Batcher) interrupted and shared his love for Kumquat while she shared her artwork with him.
  • HR Ensign engineered a change in management of the Albatross, with the help of visiting Cmdr Riker (Batcher).
  • Captain Field (Wells) willingly relinquished command but was stunned by Riker’s phaser anyway.
  • Guyson took command but they ended up drifting in space until Field unfroze and regained command using a Vulcan nerve pinch.