Holodeck Follies – Kris Siddiqi

Kris Siddiqi is a busy man. Between fatherhood, stand-up, acting, sketch comedy, and various improv shows around Toronto, he has a lot on the go.
Within the comedy community, Kris is a household name, most recently with The Video Game Show but also with Egg Zeppelin and Throne of Games, each a successful and fun show.

I have had the fortune to play with Kris at Second City’s Diversity night as well as Natasha Boomer’s super Wheel of Improv show. He is a generous scene partner willing to join you in the land of the bizarre as equally as a touching and tender heartfelt moment.

At our next Holodeck Follies (March 5th), he will take the spotlight solo, performing his stand-up routine, probably poking fun at fandoms and the real world with the same devillish charm.

Kris is on Twitter as @Kris Siddiqi.