S2E2: Captain’s Epilogue

Thank you to everyone who braved the fallout of yesterday’s snowstorm to celebrate our Dandiversary!

Gluten free 2nd Dandiversary cake by Andie Leathley
Gluten free 2nd Dandiversary cake by Andie Leathley

Feb 5th (S2e2): Heart of Hearing
The crew, on their way to well-deserved shore leave on Qo’noS (the Klingon homeworld) ran into some people management issues between Captain Tachyon Field (Dale Wells) and Ensign Guyson (Alan Leightizer) as a result of words from Ensign Billy (Nigel Downer).

There were improvised songs (crafted by music director Jason Zinger) by Field, Guyson, Billy, Lt Commander Jennifer Kumquat (Andie Leathley), and evil rap from Ensign Earl Grey Hott (Hugh Cameron), our mirror universe ensign.

Our guests joined in on the silliness:

  • Our feature act, stand-up comedians Ron Sparks & Scott McCrickard took a few potshots at the Trekkie audience, baiting them with jokes about the calamitous holodeck (hey!), and Chewbacca (sans furry costume) as a Johnny Carson style stand-up. The audience did not get pulled out of phase alignment and in fact enjoyed the Star Wars humour.
  • Two Weird Ladies gave us a break from Star Trek. Their lateral memory lane sketch and the strain distance creates in co-worker relationship sketch were relatable and very funny.
  • Ingrid & Steve opened their set with a song about the impending apocalypse in a way that still left us feeling hopeful and humming along. Little Red Spark was a great rocking tune but their finale was the most memorable moment with the whole audience singing along – an absurd song about Stun Gun Salad. Ron Sparks had a callback reference stating that they had a Star Trek song prepared (“Phaser Gun Salad”) but felt short-changed because it had been plagiarized.
  • Unfortunately KERL was not able to attend and share their Star Trek Wreck but we hope to have them back in the future.
  • Likewise, Paloma Nuñez was unable to join due to the storm but we will have her back someday.

Our Life in Toronto was out and gave us a great review and took some awesome pictures:

Last night I was invited to see The Dandies, and I suspected right away it was going to be a good show. When people come to see your show after fifteen centimeters of snow, you have to be doing something right…

All in all, it was a great Dandiversary with an appreciative crowd. Join us March 5th for episode S2e3: Sings of the Father.