Dandiversary – KERL

Our close friends, improv-sketch comedians KERL joined us a few times last year with a great segment called KERL’s Star Trek Wreck. The premise was simple — Two women (Emily Stang & Lara Fara) who have never seen Star Trek re-enact quick episodes while the third (Kristina Alexis) narrated and kept them internally consistent. The result was a fun look at the franchise, the genre, and ourselves as fans.


The troupe has recently been on hiatus, with separate projects on the go and schedules being what they are, but they agreed to come back for our second Dandiversary to again share their Star Trek Wreck. Amazingly (sadly from a fan perspective) they have still not been brought into the Collective and have only gained a little insight into the Star Trek universe through Holodeck Follies — a twisted perspective, surely.

Its not a party unless the KERLs are there, and on February 5th, it will be a dandy celebration!

You can follow KERL on Twitter.