Gaslight My Fire

unlucky-lanternToday in TNG history, the episode Sub Rosa aired in 1994. I am not going to lie — this is a horrible episode wherein Dr. Crusher is gaslit when the family familiar forces fictitious fondness. Like many of the mental abuse episodes, there is rarely another mention of these horrific encounters, and they happy-ending the ordeal so they can reset for the next episode.

One of Gates McFadden’s issues with the series, aside from not getting to be Stewart’s onscreen wife, was the lack of strong writing for strong female characters. Even though this episode was written specifically for their female fanbase, it missed its mark. Fortunately DS9 and Voyager came along and gave us more interesting situations to enjoy.

Today in The Dandies history, is a much better day! Our friends at Paper Droids are holding a contest to win a pair of tickets to our 2nd Dandiversary. All you have to do to enter is name your favourite female Star Trek character; the winner will be selected at random from all such entries. Holodeck Follies is one of the many female-friendly comedy shows in Toronto so the contest, and hanging out with Paper Droids, is a good tie-in for The Dandies.

Between you and me, I would choose Lt. Commander Jennifer Kumquat but I understand if she hasn’t made your radar yet. Come out February 5th and you may see what I mean.