Let’s Talk About #BellLetsTalk

Today is the second annual national day (as deemed by a Canadian telecom) to help those who suffer from any mental health issue to recognize the community of willing listeners and moreso to recognize that our society has to stop stigmatizing those with issues.

The effect on me though, is a perception of increased pressure to share, and as a result, causes me to be quieter about my perceptions, issues and experiences. As someone who has literally been on the edge, that pressure is more likely to have me rebel and step forward than step away. Is it important to recognize our shared experiences, to let people know there are options? Of course, but not everyone can or will.

And especially not share online where there is no means to filter who can see it (e.g. corporations who snoop on their employees without recourse) just because a corporation is trading free market share for a tax deductible donation to mental health institutes.

Instead, I will share my love for word games, from puns and spoonerisms to acrostics and word searches, with the following Dandiversary jumble.


If you want to talk, lets, but only if you are open and ready, not because of corporate peer pressure.