Dandiversary – Ron Sparks Jr & Scott McCrickard

ron-sparksI’ve known of Ron Sparks for years (*cough* 2003) seeing him do improv and stand-up routines around Toronto. I watched his career take off to cult-following status on Video on Trial and on Ed the Sock. He’s done tv specials and written for any of the shows you found funny on Canadian TV. He’s won awards. A lot of awards. So when Ron agreed to do Holodeck Follies, I was delighted.

Remember we were going to have Ron join us in December? He was busy preparing for the renewal of his show: Meet the Family, the get to know the family contest show on CITYTV. Ron is acting as writer and producer for the show. Fair reason.

scott-mccrickardWhen we rescheduled, he asked if his comedian buddy, Scott McCrickard, could drop in as well. I was humbled. Scott has written some of the other funny Canadian shows and rubbed elbows with a bunch of other people I could name drop and fanboy over for hours.

When Ron told me they have a great Chewbacca impression I was confused. We’re simple Star Trek loving folk. When I told someone else Ron was coming by, he recounted seeing the Chewbacca impression and asked whether I thought Ron would do it. I bow to demand. Ron is a smart performer who knows his audience.

Join us February 5th to see what shenanigans these seasoned comedians create.

You can follow both Ron Sparks and Scott McCrickard on Twitter.