LARPTrek Accidentally Describes Holodeck Follies

larptrekWhenever I describe Holodeck Follies to casual Star Trek fans, I wish I had this strip from Josh Millard’s LARPTrek on hand.

Obviously the strip set out to introduce LARPTrek to newcomers – TNG characters roleplay DS9 episodes to allow Josh to makeg fun of odd narrative choices made in DS9 writers. It also describes the premise of our improv show. Improvisation, by nature, is very ephemeral. Dreams (and nightmares) come true merely by mention, you can be anyone, you can make anything happen.

While we love the Star Trek fan that can recite all 285 Rules of Acquisition, we cater more to those who want a good night out, take a trip down memory lane (at Warp 2) and make dreams come true. We just want to laugh long and prosper.

And we love LARPTrek for making us laugh and giving us an excuse to imagine our favourite the characters speaking and reacting to an alternate reality within the Star Trek universe.