Subspace Transmission #2


Communication Contest

“wrasp Tag pinto litters lain poops!”

Unscramble the communication sent from Operations Officer Harry Kim to the USS Albatross through secure subspace channels.

Be the first to correctly reply and you we will add your character suggestion to our Dandiversary celebration at Holodeck Follies (Feb 5th).

Would you wear this made-up phrase on a t-shirt?

The answer to Subspace Transmission #1 – Captain Picard: “The Prime Directive made me do it.”

We will be adding the following plot point to the show thanks to Maddox:

“Two crewmen go on an away mission together but a transporter accident causes them to body swap. They decide not to tell anyone at first, for the sake of science and exploration.”

We have updated the word search on the blog sidebar. Answer that word jumble for a pair of free tickets to the show!