S2E1: Captain’s Epilogue

maquis-roeThe season two premiere of Holodeck Follies had another full house of Trekkies and they were not disappointed!

S1E1: Maquis See, Maquis Do
Lacking the calming influence of Lt Commander Jennifer Kumquat found Ensign Guyson (Alan Leightizer) caught up in working over Ensign Davidson (Jason Donovan, New Becky) rather than delivering the much needed swiffer to Epsilon VI. It was then revealed that Davidson had allowed the Romulans aboard and the Albatross was forced on a rescue mission for the sacred supplies and the ensigns lives.

Our guests joined in on the silliness:

  • Zach Mealia tried out some new Star Trek specific material including Data as a pick-up artist and an argument between Picard and Kirk.
  • Fratwurst shared some of our favourite sketch material (a preview their Chicago sketchfest entry next weekend), taking them further than the sketches had gone before with some ribald improv thrown into the mix.
  • High Heels Lo Fi were decked out in TNG uniforms, quotes and quips, and nerd rocked the night. As always, they had their go-go dancers on hand to add to the interstellar popularity of the band.

We also gave away a pair of tickets to Fast Food Follies, graciously donated by our friends at Unit 102.

Come celebrate our second Dandiversary at the next Holodeck Follies on Feb 5th.