Season’s Greetings

USS-EnterpriseWe hope everyone had a pleasant holiday and your fill of turkey, ham, tofurkey, or feast of choice and plenty of Romulan ale to cheer with friends and family. For Christmas we treated ourselves to some Thinkgeek loot – Star Trek ice makers and bathrobes. We also gifted each other new games (Dr. Who Monopoly and Yahtzee, RA, and some new Magic cards) and other spoiling treats.

With just a few days left of 2013, we are looking onward and upward for 2014. Our first episode of the second season (“Maquis See Maquis Do”, January 8) is in ten days and the acts are an amazing kick-off to the second season of Holodeck Follies. February is our second anniversary of performing as The Dandies. What will the spring bring? We’re not sure yet but we know it will be good. Looking further forward, we are considering whether we can run a special charity event for Captain Picard Day.

As was true for first contact, we hope you live long and prosper in 2014 (and beyond)!